I partnered with Spektra Systems when I needed to host a large-scale, virtual & customized hackathon in Summer 2020. To further complicate matters, I had an aggressive timeline and nothing more than an idea for the hackathon. When Spektra came onboard to help, they immediately put structure to the event via timelines, deadlines, planning meetings, documentation, and best practices. They also created marketing content, a detailed website and registration process, and they created hackathon teams that utilized all of the participant’s technical skills. Most importantly, they were staffed with people that were knowledgeable, always available, and enjoyable to work with. Their execution leveraged Microsoft TEAMS and they made it easy for hackers to use chat and teams to work within their pre-defined groups. As you can imagine, the week-long event was an enormous success, and it was all thanks to Spektra Systems and the maximum effort that they put in leading up to the hackathon. They absolutely exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond what was asked of them!